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As an award-winning Architecture Firm, AAA Architects has been specializing in custom architectural designs since 2000. Our goal is to enhance the way in which people interact with the spaces they spend most of their time in. We have extensive experience with a wide variety of different projects. Get in touch with us to learn more about our work.

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You may see houses that are situated at a particular area in a Row. The houses are built to be in uniform to one another in its;
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These types of buildings are what are called row houses. They are usually built to be multiple story buildings which are consistent or identical to all the adjoining houses to it. These buildings are found in the older and bigger cities. These houses can be identified easily by their protruding windows which are either bay or bow window and their uniformity.
In the row building design, the second floor is usually used as the main living area. The first floor is designed to be spacious apartments for the owner while individual apartments are built above or below the living area.
Row houses are well sorted after in the real estate market due to their history and their resemblance to apartment living. They are also viable income prospect to their owners because they are highly rated at price. The row houses which were built with several units can be rented out by their owners so as to generate income.
This Row housing design is another area of specialization of the AAA Architects. We are the best row housing designer in the whole India. The Row house design concept that is carried out by the AAA Architects is all encompassing so as to touch many areas. Such as;
a. Urban row housing
b. Duplex row house
c. Village row Apartments
d. Row home floor plans
e. Row house apartments
f. Row house layouts
g. Modern row homes
h. 2 story row house design
i. Affordable apartments
j. American row house
k. And Indian row houses respectively.
Our row housing standards are very high that there is no firm that can compare to the AAA Architectural firm throughout India. We consider the following factors during our row housing design for a successful and efficient row house construction.
Adaptability: we plan our row houses to create room for changes. We put into consideration the needs of the residents that will live in the houses and make provisions for them. Again some of the residents may not afford to live in four-room houses, due to this, we create an avenue for redevelopments. Spaces are allotted where homeowners can add more room in case of an increase in family number.
Shaping the House for Safety:
The style of a house is the perfect way to get densification. Also, the shape and its orientation play a big role in promoting a safe and positive environment. If your row housing design is made to be sensitive, it is a sure way to reduce crime and vandalism.
Making use of the Environment:
Most of the problems faced by row housing design are ventilation and insulation. Therefore, the AAA Architects utilizes the environment to provide a sustainable solution to the matter. How do we achieve that?
We take advantage of the energy from the sun. We build in the biggest windows to face the northern side of the building. This is a formula to generate heat for the residents during the winter months.
We consider the shape of the building. We build an awning over the windows so that during the summer months, the house will be cooled.
The Roofs:
This is another factor that we consider during the designing of the row houses. We consider the cost; build time, weather condition of the region and ease of installation when acquiring a roof.
Interior Design:
We put into consideration, the number of rooms that should be in the house. For instance, the lounge meant for socializing and eating, the kitchen, bedroom, and the toilets or washrooms.
The AAA Architect considers all these factors so as to build for their client’s row houses that are sustainable.

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