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​Sustainable Hospital Design: Welcome

Sustainable Hospital Design

Hospital Architecture Design and Modern Hospital Layout Plans by AAA Architects

Sustainable Hospital Design

Hospitals buildings are generally not regarded as a place that one will go and relax. Many people hate going to the hospital unless they are sick or a loved one is admitted. Even when this is the case, people do everything they can to avoid going to the hospital. This is because when we think of the hospital, what comes to mind is an over-lit and sterile environment with those small wall-mounted televisions. There was usually nothing beautiful nor relaxing about hospital environment.

However, healthcare architecture firms Like AAA Architects have changed the face of what hospitals used to look like with new medical facilities that take a holistic approach to healthcare by considering the patients and the healing environment. As a result of this, hospital architecture is now more encompassing than what it used to be. The hospitals are more diverse and welcoming than what we know. The primary objective still remains the patients but the surroundings are also considered.

Hospitals are in pursuit of sustainability in their environment. They want to create a healthier environment for the patients, improve their image and also help their local environment. To achieve this, a sustainable hospital design must be created to incorporate the key aims of these hospitals. This is why the Hospital building Design services of AAA Architects is recommended for projects like this. We are one of the best hospital designers in India, United states and United Kingdom. We serve our numerous clients in the following healthcare needs such as hospital planning and designing, Interior design of hospital building, healthcare design, healthcare building planning, medical building design etc

We also provide our clients with hospital design guidelines, hospital design concepts, hospital interior design concept which they can study and incorporate it into their ideas. Our team of architects is also specialized in areas like hospital interior, healthcare interior design, hospital door design, hospital exterior design, hospital elevation design, hospital floor plan design, hospital layout design, healthcare facility design, hospital building plans etc We have handled many projects in these areas and we involve our team from the time of design to the hospital construction proper.

In each of our hospital projects, we aim to achieve the following:

  • Improved patient care by making their environment more comfortable and homely.

  • Reduction of patients’ recovery time through more exposure to the natural environment.

  • Improving operational efficiency of the staffs and enhance their productivity

  • Creation of adequate facilities for the users and the communities by crafting more functional spaces

  • Improvement of the environment by making both the outdoor and indoor safe for users

  • Reduction of cost( operational, construction and maintenance)

  • Elimination of risks associated with the surroundings.

There are other areas which we put into consideration while carrying out our project on hospital planning and designing. We also take advantage of the outdoor spaces to benefit the families of patients, patients, and staff of the hospital. To achieve this, we use the concept of hardscaping which calls for few plants and less maintenance on the outside spaces.

We also create a floor plan which will minimize wasted spaces and circulation while maximizing flexibility. Also, we try to separate private from public zones to promote operational efficiency. AAA Architects also touch several areas like building placement, lighting, water usage, ventilation and waste disposal in creating their designs to achieve a sustainable hospital design.

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